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Our priority: „First of all, to bring you your first customers“

Today, the question is no longer whether companies should operate internationally or not, but how they can do so to their best advantage.

An accurate and methodical preparation to the marketing and sales initiatives of a company may make all the difference for their success, however only if they are a means to an end.
What really counts is not well-written reports, but the acquisition of customers and partners – as quickly as possible.
That’s the goal of all our services.


Market research and marketing campaigns

You are planning to expand into new markets, however before you invest your resources it may be helpful to have an answer to a crucial question: “Is there a market for me?”
We perform a market analysis for your company, find out the industries, regions and customer profiles that offer the best chances to succeed, identify prospects and potential partners and clear the way to your first sales.


Marketing and sales strategies

USP and sales arguments aren’t fixed forever. They have a different impact depending upon country, industry and customer profile. What works well in your home market may require adjustments and extensions in a foreign country. And for a company that has won its customers mainly through direct sales, international expansion through partner channels may mean a fully new corporate culture. The right positioning is a key factor for success. And we can help to define and to effectively communicate it.

Sales support

After the first prospects have been found, consolidation must follow. We offer our services also in this crucial phase:

  • Development of cooperation agreements and/or purchasing contracts

  • Support to the organisation of training for partners and customers

  • Localisation of information material

  • Monitoring of first negotiations and sales activities

  • Contact interface for questions and early warning of potential issues


Market communication

Even for the best company and the best product the breakthrough into a new market can be hard if too few know about them. Awareness and mind share are not a nice-to-have.
Market communication is part of a successful sales process. Compelling corporate collateral that people like to read, trade fairs and events that bring new customers, this all is in our service portfolio. And multilingualism and internationality are of course part of it.