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Many of our customers request confidentiality, therefore we are presenting here only a limited selection of our references.

We would be delighted to provide you more information in a personal meeting.




Development and maintenance oft he content oft he company’s homepage
Development of the company’s corporate brochure and information material for sales campaigns.
Market research concerning a SOA-based solution for saving and mid-size banks



URFog develops, manufactures and sells a fogging appliance for theft prevention that offers an excellent ratio price/performance, high reliability and simplicity of installation.
For this client we have performed a market research, identified several partner candidates and organized a round of talks. The result: Distribution agreement signed and first order placed one week after the talks.

Software and Consulting Firm 1

Market research and lead generation for a middleware solution that makes corporate applications and public portals accessible over mobile networks


Software firm 2

Market research and lead generation for a middleware solution that makes corporate applications and public portals accessible over mobile networks


Engineering Company with Offshoring Services

Customer acquisition campaign in the industrial automation sector


Personal References

“I worked with Carla when she was Partner Manager al SAS Institute EMEA. I liked her professional approach to business. I think Carla with her experience and skills can be a resource for any company necessitating good marketing skills.
Maurizio Sanarico” Owner, Noustat s.r.l.

“I worked with...and managed Carla from 1999-2000. She has an excellent work-ethic, a great relationship with partners/clients, and diverse language skills. Working in business alliances always requires the involvement of different corporate functions. She has proven her ability to effectively coordinate people towards achieving a common goal. She'd make a great addition to any high-tech firm.”
Matthew Mikell, Sr.Marketing Manager Global Alliances, SAS

“Carla is an asset to any organization that has goals and objectives of entering new markets or building partnerships and alliances. Carla is a very innovative Marketing professional that takes initiative on behalf of her clients. Given an objective, Carla thinks through the topic in a deep and insightful way and suggests several often creative and unique solutions. She identifies the advantages and disadvantage to each solution and presents them in a compelling way. She follows up tirelessly to ensure the agreed solution is implemented in a manner that delivers the maximum benefits. She is excellent at building and nurturing partnerships and alliances. In addition, her ability to speak several languages makes her extremely valuable business partner.”
Gloria Miller, former Vice President Professional Services, SAS, now MD at Maxmetrics


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